7025: divx katselukikka

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7025: divx katselukikka

En ole varma tämän toimivuudesta, mutta innoikkaimmat voivat testata.

For those of you who have been trying to watch divX files or media streams on their DB 7025s, a solution is at hand...

Basically, using VLC to transcode on the fly, you can create a .ts file that can be read in the media player on your dm7025.

Thanks to a bloke on ihad:

First do the following on the PC:

1. Make a shared directory 'DreamShare'
(e.g. to 'D:\MyVideos\DreamShare')

2. Install the VideoLAN 'VLC mediaplayer' (version 0.8.6a)
Download it here: http://www.videolan.org/

3. Place a new bat-file (e.g. 'makestream.bat') on your desktop with the following (this is one single command!):
"%ProgramFiles%\VideoLan\VLC\vlc" -vvv %1 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=3072,scale=1,acode c=mp2a,ab=192,channels=2}:duplicate{dst=std{access =file,mux=ts,dst="D:\MyVideos\DreamShare\stream.ts "}}

4. Drag and drop some playable video file (e.g. 'myvideo.avi') on this bat-file!!!

VLC mediaplayer should start now and start encoding the file 'stream.ts' in the shared directory. It may take some time to encode but as long as it encodes fast enough you can play it immediately!

On the DM-7025 do the following:

1. Use the 'Automount editor' in the Gemini blue-panel and mount the shared directory:
Mountpoint : DreamShare
Type : cifs
Options : ro,nolock
Server : <ip-address-of-your-pc> (e.g.
Share : /DreamShare

After making the mount, check if it is created by checking the 'media player'. You could play stream.ts from here, but I decided the movie player is easier to use.

2. To use the movie player do the following:
If the file 'stream.ts' exists in the share directory exists start a telnet session to your dreambox and type:
cd /hdd/movie
ln /automount/DreamShare/stream.ts stream.ts

If all went well, open the 'Movie list' on your DM-7025 and scroll to the bottom. There you find '/hdd/movie/stream.ts'!! smile
You can play this like any movie. So stop it and continue later at the same time etc. cool

So next time you want to view a file from your PC on your Dreambox just drag the file on the 'makestream.bat' and immediately you can start playing '/hdd/movie/stream.ts' like any recorded movie!


My own variation, from playing today is one that puts the file directly on the dreambox rather than the PC drive.

Put this line in a .bat file and drag a DIVX onto it:

"%ProgramFiles%\VideoLan\VLC\vlc" -vvv %1 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=3072,scale=1,acode c=mp2a,ab=192,fps=24,chan
nels=2}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=ts,dst=" 'Z:\movie\%~n1.ts"}}

If you have mapped the hdd/movies/ directory to the z: diretory on your PC using Samba then this will take a DivX file or any other kind of file and transcode and put it directly on the dreambox in the movies directory with its file name intact. Eg. panda.avi is transcoded and becomes panda.ts in the dreambox movie list.

For streaming it is slower than doing it directly onto your own PC (so it is necessary to allow the file to buffer for a while) but it allows you to build up a divX movie library on the dm7025 hdd.

If anyone knows anything about writing interfaces at the dreambox end, it would be great to be able to browse files on the PC and then use a script to get VLC on the PC automatically transcode them and put them on the dreambox using this method.

I have also been experimenting with live web streams - this is done by putting the URL in the syntax where %1 is in the examples above. A pretty good trick to be able to stream them - although i have found that allowing them (or any other files to buffer for a while) makes all the difference to pic quality. Is it possible to set an buffer settings at the dreambox end?

NOTE: When making the .bat the whole string beginning with ":sout" is one long word - NO SPACES after that


PS A variation on this should work on other dreamboxes, although the alternative methods (such as streaming using the web interface) are more advanced.
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