Vu+ Player for Android




Vu+ Player is an Android app designed to allow you to control and stream from your Vu+ satellite receivers, either from the same network as the receiver, or from a remote location. Although designed for the Vu+ range of receivers, it should work with any satellite receiver compatible with Enigma2.
There are three main purposes for this app:
1) As a substitute remote control while viewing your TV. If you do not like equipment on display, your receiver can be placed out of site (and IR remote range) and this app used to control it. You can change channels, look up EPG-information, set timers, send messages, use its virtual Remote Control etc.
2) A means of watching your satellite receiver on a portable Android-device at home. If you have a receiver with two or more tuners, then you can even stream an alternative channel and watch a different channel to the one displayed on the connected TV.
On selected receivers, such as the Vu+ Solo2, you can enable the transcoding function. This will enable streaming on an alternate port with the ability to watch HD channels with reduced bit rate. This function is experimental and still under development.
3) A remote viewer. If you have a very good upload speed from home and download speed from your current location, you can watch the stream from your satellite receiver remotely. The app can work from anywhere in the world where you can get a good WiFi/Mobile connection. All you need is a dynamic DNS address at home, e.g. DynDNS and forward ports on your router. Possible scenarios are airport lounges, coffee shops, hotels, etc. Receivers supporting transcoding, such as Vu+ Solo2, can enable this function and take advantage of this since lower upload speed is required in this mode.
- Internal video-player with OSD (On Screen Display). No need to download and install external video-player although many others are supported.
- Multiple connection profiles. All receivers on your network can be added
- Browse the EPG and individual channels
- Manage timers (add, edit, delete) either from EPG or manually. This can be done even when away from home
- Search EPG
- Grab screenshots from live TV
- Manage recordings
- Send on-screen messages
- Satellite signal strength meter for dish alignment and adjustment
- Integrated help