Uusi Dreamset

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Uusi Dreamset

Melkoisen mukava ja helppokäyttöinen työkalu kanavien yms järjestelyyn.

Organize bouquets and user favorite lists (Add/Remove/Arrange lists and channels).
Flexible User Interface multi selected Drag & Drop.
User defined Sorting of services in a list/bouquet
Markers support.
Multilanguage List/Service names editing.
Add/Edit/Delete Satellites, Providers/Networks, Transponders and Channels.
Copy/Paste channels
Drag & Drop Providers, Tranponders, Channels
Import Favorite Lists from other settings like DreamBox,Nokia 9800,Humax.
Export Favorite Lists to a special format compatible for Dreamset to import back your lists.
Export Settings as HTML and as Lyngsat files.
DreamBox registry editor.
Multilanguage User Interface support