TSReader pc-sat-käyttäjille

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3 * Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG 77CX6LA + Genelec + RasPi/rAudio + Adam T5V + T7V + T10S - ArcoLinux
Käytätkä dvb-korttia sat-kanavien vastaanotossa? Kannattaa tutustua TSReaderiin osoitteessa: http://www.coolstf.com/tsreader/


Decodes MPEG-2 tables with DVB, ATSC and Digicipher II extensions
Decodes unscrambled 4:2:0 MPEG-2 video in thumbnail format
Supports a wide range of MPEG-2 hardware input and output devices Transport streams can also be fed from a file
Records the transport stream to a disk file*
Records an individual program to a disk file with PAT/PMT re-generation
Decodes IP/DVB transmissions with decodes of the MAC and IP destination addresses
PID usage graph with percentage displays for each PID
Actual bitrate on PIDs carrying PCR and estimated bitrates for non PCR carrying PIDs.
PID graph is color coded to indicate unscrambled and scrambled PIDs
Table report generation into HTML and XML
Automatic transport stream recording for unattended operation*
Control over D-VHS decks for unattended HDTV recording (Windows XP)*
Automatic export of tables in XML format for processing by other software*
Supports plug-ins written for MultiDec
Manually defined channels can be added to any multiplex*
Record up to 8* PIDs from a mux either as seperate files or combined in their received order

* Indicates feature available only in registered version of TSReader