TimmyTV v4.0, Live TV streaming System.

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.. soon... Totally reWritten, Truly better UX...

TimmyTV v4 is a Enigma2 based set-top-box live transcoder to most common devices. Output is m3u/.ts offered h264 stream with bitrate selectable from 64kbit to 2Mbit/sec. The quality is amazing even with 192kbit/sec. Selected subtitle is burned in.

Requirements and features so far..
  • Some HTTP server for basic webhosting and with PHP5+ for RESTful services
  • Jquery 3x, Bootstrap 4.x (scales to all devices properly)
  • Blacklist for non-wanted Bouquets to list
  • Blacklist for non-wanted Services to list
  • Local Browser storage for settings.
  • Local Browser storage for own favourites
  • Picons are loaded from the digibox, no local copies.
  • m3u file is created on-the-fly with no writting on the server side.
  • VLC with VLM HttpApi LUA module enabled and installed somewhere for LAN IP to reach.
  • Acrording to testing Raspberry Pi 3B+ can transcode fluently 720x576 @704kbit/sec, so you can actually host and transcode the whole system from Pi. :)


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