SPAZE TEAM Quantum Edition 2.0.0 BETA



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Dreambox 900UHD
Vu Solo2
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What´s New?

- Based in GIT SPAZE TEAM (12/11/11)
- Last drivers 25/10/11
- Soved many bugs in Enigma2
- Added option to deactivate automatic channel scan
- Updated spzMenu
- Added SPAZE Panel (spzCAMD Manager, AzExplorer, spzBackup, spzDownloads, spzDeviceManager, etc…)
- Menú personalización skin BlackModern_azboxHDv3
- Added option to reset password of Azbox.
- Added patch to VFD display (all models).
- Updated skin BlackModern_azboxHDv3
- New ChannelSelection.
- Fixes in phyton files and plugins.
- Fixed desynchronization of the menus in display.
- Fixed some bugs in MyTube.
- Added script spzFlashExp for extended DOMS (automatic).
- Implemented virtual keyboard in all inputboxs.
- Customization of keys on the remote control.
- Updated Spanish, Italian and Catalan.


- New MediaCenter 0.3.5 MOD spzTEAM
- Fixed time in .ts recordings
- Added Internet Info (spzIMDB)
- New screen with information of video file
- Other visual enhancements
- TimeSleep Integrated
- Fixed another small bugs
- VideoPlayer more powerfull
- AudioPlayer fixed another small bugs

After a long time we can finally say, here's the new SPAZE 2.0. The last few weeks we have found problems with the new kernel and finally we decided to go back to the old. This has caused one of the new features we had prepared for the SPAZE not be incorporated because it is only supported by the new kernel, when the kernel problems are solved we release a new version with Led Support.

A ver los drivers finalmente no hemos puesto los de la RTi Core 1.3 ya que a mucha gente la señal HDMI pasada bastante tiempo queda inaccesible y hay que volver a reiniciar. ¿Quiere decir esto que la gente que le funciona bien el Standby de los Premium se quedará sin él?. En absoluto junto al firm va un .ipk que permitirá instalar el fix para el Standby de los Premium, lo hemos hecho así porque consideramos que es lo mejor a nivel global.

Due to the many changes in the new Spaz, only incorporates Spanish and English languages​​. In the download server is to download the Italian language (thank Doctor Who) and Catalan (thank Pe.Tardo). The other languages ​​we hope for your collaboration to be attached to the server.
Spaze 2.0 brings functionality for those with a higher DOM than the original capacity to take advantage of this space to install plugins, skins, picons, etc .

If you use a different keymap that brings the SPAZ is very likely that in certain menu command does not work as they really should, so please keep in mind this and if you change the keymap is under your responsibility.

RAW audio is problematic. We don´t recomend for now use this configuration.

The last and the most important: We are very grateful with all betatesters for his collaboration detecting and fixing bugs, very hard work.. sergiri your azbox is the special one