rel109.boxman-20052005.img FP-Ver 1.05



Huoltovalikon jäsen
rel109.boxman-20052005.img FP-Ver 1.05

ein neues, aktuelles CVS-Image von heute Abend für die 7000er.

Änderungen/Fixes aus dem CVS:

Fix for lcd setup. New inversion setting was stored but original setting was reapplied on setup exit.

webif 3.2.1: improve vlc streaming. switching between channels on different satellites that require motor movement should work now as well

webif: finetune vlc timing a bit

fixes for gcc4.x

listbox speedup

fix for epg on multichoice irdeto channels

no more delete all services when do a new transponder scan, mark any new found service with a new found flag (not when a satellite is scanned first time). feel free to paint new images for new found service marks in service list add new found lists to satellites view in service selector, add ability to remove the new found flag on single services, translation is needed for the new texts

fix skip back in 8x mode with latest head.ko

smbfs habe ich wieder auf Wunsch herausgenommen (siehe Umfrage).
Language= Deutsch/English

md5: 23ea810fc9b3088ade15a24ff5ebd11f