Conax hack julkistettu



Conax hack julkaistu vuoden 2003 kunniaksi.

Linux boot diskette with emulator for many systems -
conax,irdeto,seca,viaccess,nagra - all via conax system.
Season interface card.
No programmer.
Plaintext editor for editing the settings.
Works with most receivers with embedded Conax or Conax cam, with
different settings.
It will probably not last very long, because making this public forces
Canal Digital to change their algo.

Conax is now hacked. An emulator for Linux has been publically released, making it possible to watch channels encrypted in Conax using Season Interface.

Facts: It's not just another fake. Can decrypt ALL Conax channels at 1°W and SVT at 5°E. Can be used with Conax CAM 4.0, 3.03, 1.08.

Well, I hope that this is not the end and soon we'll probably see some Windows emulator, PCI-DVB dll plugin, then cards could come and finally update for popular Xin1 systems (DS9/Fun).